Full name

José Luis Vaello Bertol


Illustator, Concept Artist, Art Director, Game Developer


With origins in illustration, graphic designer and Concept art, José Luis Vaello Bertol started working in video games in 1996 on "SEVERANCE: BLADE OF DARKNESS" as Art Director and Lead Designer. This early project had a great influence on his progression in the games industry because there was so much work and rework to find the balance: to maintain and transmit an overall perspective between all creative facets. Jose Luis continued as Art Director at Digital Legends Entertainment, and then Mercury Steam on "CLIVE BARKER'S JERICHO" and "CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW". Also worked as Art Director on "RIME".

Currently working as Freelance.

*Art Director and Lead Designer. "SEVERANCE: BLADE OF DARKNESS". Rebel Act Studios / Codemasters.
*Art Director and Lead Designer. "ONE". Nokia (N-Gage) Digital Legends Entertainment.
*Concept Artist. "CLIVE BARKER'S JERICHO". Mercury Steam Entertainment / Codemasters.
*Art Director. "CASTLEVANIA: LORDS OF SHADOW". Mercury Steam Entertainment / Konami Digital Entertainment.
*Art Director. “RIME”. Tequila Works/ SONY.